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Leisure activities

Spa treatment

Our clients have the possibility of the spa treatments in Alžbětiny lázně a.s. Carlsbad for which we offer discounts. The choice of spa treatments is completely up to you. You can get discount coupons upon check-in or pick them up at our office.


In case you are interested in travelling around not only Czech republic but abroad as well during your stay by us, different excursions are avaiable for you, from half a day to several days abroad. You can visit, for example, Prague, Marienbad, Regensburg,  Munich, Salzburg, Paris.

Car rental

Our company is able to arrange for you to rent a car for an unspecified amount of time.

Sport equipment rental - bicycles, 

tennis and golf equipment

In case you would like to know the surroundings of Carlsbad closer and iyou would like to sport as well, we offer mountain bikes rental and a tourist map for our clients. We can arrange tennis courts, the coach and players for sport-based clients as well as we can rent you the tennis equipment. There are several attractive golf courses on the territory of the Carlsbad region, for example Carlsbad Olšová vrata, Carlsbad Dvory, Cihelny, Sokolov, Halzov, Luby, Teplá, Kynžvart. We will rent you the golf equipment with pleasure.